Unforeseen Angels in Time of Need

From Left to Right: Ms. Lestine Barnes & Ms. Ernestine Thompson

My parents always tell us to count our blessings and give God thanks. My Mom talks about how God will always make a way and how much He cares for and loves everyone. She says we should count our blessings one by one. So I wanted to share with you two blessings that God sent to our family from two special people.

No one could imagine how nasty this virus would be or how it would change the world. My parents kept telling us how we needed to be thankful for what we have and pray to God to bless other people. They always tell us that but they wanted us to send up special prayers for people that are going through during this time. They told us not to be scared but to trust God and know that He will provide our every need if only we believe.

Ms. Lestine Barnes sent my Mom a large sum of money for my sister and me back in March. This was back when a lot of changes were happening with the virus and words like epidemic and pandemic were used. How sweet of her to send money for both of us!

Like my mother says, don’t forget those who have supported you in the past. I’ll never forget how happy it made me when my Mom told me that someone from Philadelphia had invested in the launch of my first book. Ms. Ernestine Thompson has never met us in person but heard about my story and book and make a big donation so my book launch would be successful. Look at God!

So whether you are in need or taking a chance to follow your dreams, God will send angels to bless you and contribute to your success. I am so grateful for people like these two who I consider two of God’s angels. I pray that God continues to bless them and blesses you too.

Jasmine Miracle Cobb Kid Author|Entrepreneur|Ice Cream Lover

Published by jasminemiraclecobb

Jasmine Miracle Cobb is the Creator of the My Ice Cream Dream Book platform. She is a young entrepreneur, author and writer.

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