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A Magical Experience from My Birthday Party

I know that the world is dealing with the ugly virus, but my parents made my birthday so special that I didn’t miss out on anything! I enjoyed two days of FUN in the sun! I had my favorite meal at my favorite place, Chick-fil-A and on Friday, I had a small party outside! That is when a magical experience happened that I just have to share with you!

I really didn’t think we would be able to do much of anything, but I was so surprised when I saw the bouncy house! I had so much fun sliding down the slide with my family! My Mommy even slid down once with us. 🙂 Then came the biggest surprise of them all!

My parents told me I could invite one friend and I picked my friend Braeden! I was so glad that he and his Mom, Mrs. Warren accepted my invitation. Our moms have been friends for over 30 years and now their children are friends. Isn’t that special?

As a matter of fact, Braeden and his Mom were present for my first book signing, which brings me to the special moment of my birthday. I learned that although there may be sad or ugly things in life, God gives us the gifts of friends who will be by our side, celebrate with us and encourage us to keep doing great things. If you have a friend you have every reason to celebrate.

Thank you to everyone that helped me celebrate my birthday and send me well wishes. What is one thing that you thank God for and will celebrate today? Please comment below so I can thank God and celebrate with you!

May God Bless,

-Jasmine Miracle Cobb

Published by jasminemiraclecobb

Jasmine Miracle Cobb is the Creator of the My Ice Cream Dream Book platform. She is a young entrepreneur, author and writer.

3 thoughts on “A Magical Experience from My Birthday Party

  1. I’m thankful that GOD has blessed me with my loving family to keep on going, despite what life brings, all of my children are indeed a blessing from GOD.


  2. Jasmine, you are just that…a “Miracle” to so many and you probably don’t realize that. You have such a sweet sweet spirit in you and you are so full of joy that lights the day for others. I’m thankful for the day of sunshine that you share. I wish you many more birthDAYS and lots of happiness for you and all who come in contact with you. 😊


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